Our Dogs FAQ's

What breeds of dogs do you use and why?

LAD  uses primarily Labrador Retrievers, but we do also utilize other breeds, when a different breed is determined to be a better match.  The dogs we select are quiet, stable, eager to please puppies from reputable breeders with clear health histories back several generations. 

Do you use rescue dogs?

We do not use rescue dogs. Because of the substantial time and cost to raise a potential service dog, we must be certain the health, temperament, and physical structure of the dog is well suited to service work. Many times the health history of parents and grandparents of a rescue is unknown.

How often/How many times do you breed your dogs?

For our internal breeding program, females are not bred until two years of age and then only every other heat cycle for a maximum of 4 litters.

Do you accept donated puppies or young adult dogs?

Yes, we accept both puppies and young adults if they have clear family health histories, and come from quality breeders with a history of producing sound dogs.