Medical Assistance Dogs

Exceptional Dogs for Exceptional People

While there are many types of Medical Assistance Dogs, all of these service dogs share a common denominator: they assist a handler with a physical disability or condition, gain autonomy, increased freedom of motion, independence and peace of mind. Medical Assistance Dogs are commonly partnered with individuals with mobility limitations, sensory impairment (visual, auditory), neutological disorders (seizures, migraines), severe sleep disorders, genetic disorders, and disturbances in regular physiological functioning (diabetes, inborn errors of metabolism, severe allergies). 

Lifeline Medical Assistance Dogs (LMAD's) are highly customized for each handler, environment and situation. Dogs trained for two individuals with the same disability will likely have widely different task lists. Every handler has different needs, circumstances, capabilities, preferences and requirments, and it's our goal to ensure every Service Dog we place meets the handler's (and the family's/caretaker's/team's) needs exactly. We want your LMAD to help you reach previously unimaginable heights and to be a perfect, seamless fit. 

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If you think a Medical Assistance Dog can help you, a family member or a patient, please don't hesitate to contact us, even if you aren't sure what you need or exactly how a Service Dog could best assist. Our expert team of professionals can help you figure it out, and will support you every step of the way.