Application Process

Intake Packet

The intake packet is a detailed set of pages, that ask questions regarding home, work, school, an applicant's disability and their needs. The intake packet gives the LAD team the information necessary to know how we can best help them. 

NOTE: A $150 application fee is required before an intake packet can be reviewed. Application fees can be paid via PayPal, or via invoice by request. 

Letters of Support

During the application process, applicants must submit letters of support from their treatment providers. After signing a release, LAD is happy to speak to your treatment team directly if desired. 

Team Interview

After an intake packet is approved, our application team will set up an interview, either in-person, over the phone, or via video messenger. During the interview, the LAD team will discuss several things, including current aids and therapy used, your treatment team, and how a working dog can best help you. 

The Waiting Game

Once the interviews are complete, the details of your contract will be determined, including price, payment options, breed, size, task work, and wait time. As our program is highly customizable, these specifics can vary widely. For estimates, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

Application FAQ's

Q: How old do you have to be to get a Lifeline?
A: LAD does not have a minimum or maximum age. The type of working dog, and needs are taken equally into consideration. We do place triad teams, where the partner is for whatever reason unable to handle the dog solo. 

Q: Do you offer payment plans? 

A: Yes! Unlike most organizations, the cost of the dog can be broken down into monthly payments. 

Q: How long after I submit an intake packet, will a LAD team member contact me? 

A: Applicants are typically contacted within 24 hours after submission.